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Shania Twain Wants to Recruit Harry Styles For a Collab

Country legend Shania Twain revealed that she wants to work with Harry Styles in the future. That would be a magical collab!

Shania & Harry Are Fans of Each Other

While talking with Apple Music during an interview, Shania confessed that she is a big fan of the British star and that she would love for them to work together. “I love to sing-along with Harry Styles. Harry and I are texting friends. Yes, I’m bragging. No, I’m really a big fan of Harry Styles, and he’s apparently a fan of mine as well. He likes to sing ‘You’re Still The One,’ and he performs it sometimes in his show, his live show, which is really cool and a huge compliment. So, thank you, Harry.”

She continued, “You and I should definitely do a duet together. We could do a version of one of your songs. I love your music. We could do a version of one of my songs, or we could just write a song from scratch and go from there,” she said inviting Harry directly.

“One thing that I think is really cool that we share is we like to wear leopard print. You look good in it. Leopard print is a Shania Twain signature print, but Harry Styles can borrow it, of course, because he’s so cute and talented. So yeah, you’ve got my permission. Go ahead. Wear it. Just don’t wear it out.”

She is a Big Inspiration For Him

And Harry is indeed a fan of Shania, as not only has he been singing “You’re Still The One” at his shows, but he has openly talked about his admiration for her. Five years ago, he confessed to Entertainment Tonight that Shania was his inspiration not only musically, but fashion-wise too. And we can totally see that from his fashion sense! 

What do you think of this collab hopefully happening in the future? What do you think the song would sound like? Tell us in the comments!

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