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Emis Killa feat. Madame in “Notte Gialla” from latest album Keta Music, Vol. 3

Twelve years after “Keta Music”

Notte gialla“, featuring Madame, is one of the extracts of “Keta Music, Vol. 3“, the latest project of Emis Killa. This is the third chapter of a cult saga of the italian rap, “Keta Music”, after the previous drops of “Keta Music” (2009) and “Keta Music Vol. 2” (2015).

Class of ’89, Emis Killa, alias of Emiliano Giambelli, is a famous italian rapper who started his music career 15 years ago. From the beginnings, Emis was known firstly for his freestyle skills (also thanks to the winnings of many contests). But, after the years, his public became different and he also showed other qualities. Indeed, the rapper spaces from street and hard tracks (like the ones contained in his album “17“) to other pop successes that allowed him to get the fame he has now.

Keta Music, Vol. 3” is not a personal album, but instead a sort of exercise in style for showing some classic hip hop. With an incredible number of collaborations, the rapper continues an accurate research of a new underground sound. Lazza, Madame, Gemitaiz and Massimo Pericolo are only some of the guests of the eleven songs of the album.  Music Daily, already covered one of these promising names: the young Madame. Well, I’m quite sure we didn’t go wrong.

Madame’s contribution

The single “Notte gialla” is indeed an appreciation of Madame’s qualities by Emis Killa. The couple works, Madame’s chorus is always pleasant to listen to and alternate with the street bars of Emis. “Notte gialla” is perhaps the more intimate track of the album. Emis Killa tells the torments and reflections about his world and the city where he lives, while Madame wants to take refuge from the chaos of everyday life.

Produced by Lazza, another rapper of the fresh generation, “Notte gialla” is a duet that mixes rap and R&B with a special line of sax. The single is already going strong on the charts, people are appreciating this sound choice. Now, after 12 years from the first chapter of the saga, “Keta Music, Vol. 3” could become another important mark of Italy’s rap movement.

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