Magdalena Bay drops “Secrets (Your Fire)”

Last Friday, the hypnotic synth-pop duo Magdalena Bay dropped “Secrets (Your Fire).” This is the second single to drop from their upcoming debut album Mercurial World.

Who is Magdalena Bay?

Mica Tenenbaum and Matthew Lewin met at an after school music program in Miami.  Soon after they met they began dating and writing music. Eventually, forming a band called “Tabula Rosa.” Sadly, once they went off to college, they split up and stopped writing together.

They later reconnected over the release of electro-pop music such as Charli XCX’s EP Vroom Vroom and Grime’s Art Angels. The band’s name Magdalena Bay came from a woman named Maggie Bay, an administrator at Lewin’s IT job. In 2016 they released their debut single “VOC POP.”

In an attempt to create more, they began uploading music videos to one-minute songs on YouTube known as the “mini-mix” series. This creative series is how Luminelle Records wound up signing them.

The “Secrets” of Magdalena Bay:

Their newest track “Secrets (Your Fire)” perfectly describes the feeling of anxiety online

“Secrets is about interconnectivity, privacy, and digital anxiety,” the band stated. “It’s also about a need to keep sharing, to keep giving up…more of yourself to faceless strangers in the hopes of making friends or fans.”

Along with this song is a music video where the two artists are sucked into a Y2K internet universe.

Their debut album, Mercurial World is set to release on October 8th, and tour dates can be found on their website. Based on what we have already seen, this album is sure not to disappoint.

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