Molly Payton Releases Her Mini Album “Slack”

Molly PaytonNew Zealand born singer Molly Payton released her new mini album Slack. It contains only 8 songs.

She released Slack earlier this month, accompanied by an Instagram post. “I’m so excited for you to hear it, I put so much love into this mini album”, she said. “Because of the pandemic It was recorded over 8 months in a bunch of different studios between New Zealand and the UK.” In fact, she recorded Slack during 2020 lockdown.


Molly recorded her album during 2020 lockdown

2020 lockdown gave the chance to many people to work on themselves, and so did Molly Payton. During this time, the artist had the chance to analyse and discover a new part of herself. And she put this into her own music and new album Slack. The album is very personal, thoughtful and reflective. Her powerful voice and deep lyrics of the songs made a certainly captivating and moving record.

The album contains her single You Cut Me So Much Slack

You Cut Me So Much Slack is a song I wrote initially for my EP Porcupine, but decided just before it came out that it fit better in this project,” Molly explains. The single was released in August, as a tease for the album.

Before Slack, the artist released the critically acclaimed 2020 EP Porcupine. “In Porcupine, when I wrote about friendships and relationships, I was placing a lot of blame on other people, whereas my coming project Slack is more self-reflective and centers around taking responsibility for your own faults in order to grow. My anxiety used to make it almost impossible to communicate and express my feelings to someone, and when I tried it would never come out the way I wanted it to.”

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