December 06, 2022

Del Water Gap drops debut, self-titled album


Earlier in October one of our Music Discovery bands,  Del Water Gap released his self-titled debut album, Del Water Gap. It contains recent collaborations with Maggie Rogers and Claud. Moreover, the album includes previously released singles: 2020 Ode to a Conversation Stuck in Your Throat and 2021 Sorry I Am, Hurting Kind and newly released Better Than I Know Myself. This song is a huge success due to charismatic vocals and vivacious melodies. The new LP follows a collection of solo single releases and EPs including 2019’s Don’t Get Dark. Back in June, Del Water Gap released their third single “Hurting Kind”, in which Jaffe took to social media revealing that it is “hard to put into words how important this song has been to me”.

As for Tame Impala, many people think that Del Water Gap is a band, but that isn’t correct. Del Water Gap is in fact the solo project of songwriter Holden Jaffe. Jaffe was born in New England. Now, he declares to “reside(s) in Brooklyn, New York and to be inspired by ‘romantic encounters and dimly lit rooms.”

Holden Jaffe’s an alternative and indie singer and songwriter. His career began when he started playing the drums in elementary school. He’s been producing music since releasing his first project during his senior year of high school.

People began to notice Jaffe with the publication of his 2015 single “Cut The Rope.” The artist reached fame and recognition before his debut album. In fact, he sold more than 44 million streams worldwide and concluded important collaborations before the release date.

Del Water Gap tour

On October 13th, Del Water Gap began his tour of the US, and some dates were sold out months in advance! The tour has more than 20 dates. He will cross the United States from coast to coast presenting his new record to his audience. In half of the dates, he will be the supporter artist of Jeremy Zucker. Alongside with his musical support for other artists, he will also perform for his own audience, starting in November.



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