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“El Bloke Hills” is Yet Another Taste of Sech’s Heartfelt Lyrics

El Bloke Hills is the name of the new album by Sech. The artist, from Panamá, has dropped his fifth studio album, which counts on the appearances of some important names of the reggaeton genre (Jay Wheeler, Eladio Carrion, Mora, Saiko). El Bloke Hills is an opportunity to explore Sech’s musical talent and his magic vocal lines. “El Peluche” has been one of the Latin industry’s most reliable hitmakers.

He became known in 2017 with the single “Miss Lonely.” After that, what followed included 60 million clicks for “Qué Más Pues” and an infinite number of collabs with the biggest names you can think of.

El Bloke Hills is yet another taste of the value of his heartfelt lyrics. Sech is at his finest, while staying true to his reggaeton roots, he has fearlessly incorporated elements from R&B, dancehall and even hints of pop. He has never been one to shy away from collaboration. And his new album is a testament to his ability to bring together a diverse array of artists. “Cafe Malibù,” “Sad Gang” and “Tus Labios” are definitely the most representative tracks of this new project.

The diverse sound and relatable lyrics have solidified Sech’s position as a trailblazer in the genre. He has earned a well-deserved spot among the most influential artists of his generation.

Will he be able to have the same success he had in Latin America in the US as well? Only time will tell… but that’s his ultimate challenge. 

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