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COBRAH is no stranger to the strange. Her music, visuals and delivery are wholly otherworldly and commanding. Her latest EP, SUCCUBUS, is no exception to the rule—if anything, it’s her most dominating release yet.

SUCCUBUS Serves Sass

SUCCUBUS is COBRAH at her most focused. With her latest EP, she’s honed her craft, delivering a sound perfect for deep club cuts. She’s taken a step away from the more experimental nature of U KNOW ME and the Grammy-nominated IDFKA, instead consistently producing face-melting beats sure to make you move. Each song is its own vacuum, filled with metallic beats that ring out against COBRAH’s powerful, hushed vocals.

The Stockholm-born artist’s latest EP is infested with irresistible musical earworms—”10/10″ grabs with its chants and raw energy. “MANIC” is fully future with its bouncy beats and brain-scratching stabs. “ACTIVATE” slows things down with its sharp, alien hums that carry an attitude and sound akin to the late genius SOPHIE.

The Next Step Forward

COBRAH’s latest release only further cements her as an iconic visionary. Her entrancing and experimental soundscapes are crafted entirely from scratch. Whether she’s infusing steelpan drums into escape room club beats or arranging bone-rattling fanfares out of raid sirens, COBRAH always does it with total prowess. SUCCUBUS continues the trend of pure power punctuating each beat.

The Stockholm-born artist commits just as much effort and thought into her overall image. Her music videos only further heighten the metallic, glossy sheen of her sound. The music videos for SUCCUBUS represent yet another shift in COBRAH’s persona. Her past videos were just as experimental as her older sound, using 3D renderings to craft an alien and sometimes unnerving world. COBRAH’s latest, however, put her front and center.

Since first bursting onto the scene in 2018, COBRAH has continued to polish her persona. SUCCUBUS is just the next step in her journey. Catch COBRAH live when she brings her indomitable energy on her recently announced North America tour.

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