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Girlpuppy Becomes the “Destroyer” in New Single

Becca Harvey, better known as Girlpuppy, released her new single “Destroyer” ahead of her debut album release.

Girlpuppy’s Debut Album is Coming in October

Girlpuppy is getting ready for the release of her debut album. When I’m Alone will be ours on October 28, and the best part is that there are already some songs that form part of the project that are already out. In July, the artist shared “Wish,” the lead single. “I Want To Be There” was next, and now, “Destroyer” joins the line. 

“Destroyer” follows Girlpuppy’s sweet vocals with a smooth melody. The song is actually inspired by a fiction book, but she managed to add her own touch to it. “Why did I come to Brooklyn? I can’t ride the train at night. He had to drink just to see me. For our paths to align,” she sings in the first verse.

Daisy Jones and The Six Inspired “Destroyer”

“I wrote this song in Philadelphia after reading the novel Daisy Jones and The Six,” Girlpuppy says. “There’s one part of the book where the character Billy Dunne considers kissing a woman outside of his marriage. He acknowledges that if he decided to make that one small decision it would ruin everything else about his life.” 

“I consider this kind of thing ‘The Destroyer,’ the one thing you do that could ruin everything else. It’s a song about me also having that opportunity, but deciding against it. It was the first song that producer Sam Acchione and I felt really solid about. (In fact, it’s the song that made me know that Sam would be the perfect producer for When I’m Alone.)”

Girlpuppy brought the song to life by filming an accompanying music video. Directed by Matt Swinsky, the visuals show us Girlpuppy as she lives life in the country, and enjoys a horse-riding event while singing the song in slow motion.

If you like Girlpuppy, make sure to check out Wet Leg!

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