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DUCKWRTH Brings Summertime Vibes With ‘Grey Scale’

"Grey Scale" sees DUCKWRTH ruminating about relationship labels over some of the most catchy summertime vibes in his catalog.
The cover for the latest DUCKWRTH single, “Grey Scale.

LA-based multi-hyphenate DUCKWRTH is absolutely an “if you know, you know” sort of artist. While the hip-house sound continues its takeover of the mainstream, there are few more responsible for or better exemplars of the sub-genre than the electronic veteran. However, the latest DUCKWRTH single, “Grey Scale,” heads into different territory while still holding onto all of the structures that make his songs so compelling (especially this time of year).

“Grey Scale” Is Instantly One Of The Most Infectious DUCKWRTH Singles

More than anything, this song speaks to DUCKWRTH’s growth and now true strength as a vocal talent. As compared to “CRUSH,” one of his standout earlier singles, his performance over top is far more load-bearing, shifting the emphasis away from the instrumental in the process. However, what backs the LA native is still outstanding. This song sort of rejects the hip-house leanings of most of his catalog. Instead, it goes in a more indie-influenced direction. Beachy guitars and analog drums slide in place of any four-on-the-floor adjacent structure, but the track is still as eminently danceable as anything he’s released before.

Promotional artwork posted in the leadup for the latest DUCKWRTH single, "Grey Scale." Taken from @duckwrth on Instagram.
Taken from @duckwrth on Instagram.

For what it’s worth, with the release of Chrome Bull DLX only a few months in the rearview, it would appear that this is just a divergence from that core sound rather than a full reinvention. Nonetheless, the evolution is noteworthy in and of itself. It doesn’t hurt that it provides one of the better “electronic” singles of this year.

You can find “Grey Scale” and all of the recent DUCKWRTH releases wherever you get your music.

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