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HYBE x Geffen Records Girl Group KATSEYE ‘Debut’

HYBE x Geffen Records' global girl group KATSEYE has officially debuted with their confident first single, "Debut."
Courtesy of HYBE x Geffen Records


KATSEYE is a six-member global girl group formed through a collaboration between HYBE Entertainment and U.S. label Geffen Records. The process for making the group comes from HYBE posting multiple missions the girls had to participate in. 20 girls from around the world competed and then the fans voted who they wanted to move onto the next round. The finale had ten contestants competing for a chance of being a member of the sixth group. We got to see the girls who made it crying and debuting as the final lineup. According to Weverse, “Feminine, powerful, and unique, KATSEYE strives to become an unprecedented global girl group. A semiprecious stone, cat’s eye shows off a variety of colors depending on its direction, much like each of the members who are all different in their cultural backgrounds, but united as one under KATSEYE, glowing powerfully together.”

Each member is from a different part of the world, making KATSEYE a very diverse group. The leader of the group, who got first place, Sophia, is Filipina. Manon is Swiss-Italian-Ghanaian, Daniela is Venezuelan-Cuban, Lara’s ethnicity is Indian, Megan is Chinese-Singaporean-American, and Yoonchae, the youngest, is Korean. KATSEYE is very diverse and will use Korean pop strategies to become a global girl group. They sing in full English and have released their first song, “Debut.”

“Debut” Review

Courtesy of HYBE x Geffen Records

“Debut” is KATSEYE’s first entry into the world. They come in with a perfect pop record for the summer. The iconic Ryan Tedder, amongst other incredible writers and producers, worked on this song. It is a powerful anthem showing the group as a sisterhood and a unit. The confident pop record is catchy and is an instant earworm. The chorus reads, “Oh, we-ee-ee ain’t flexin’, Babe, we do what we do. Wanna pull up on us? Check in at the gate and come through. We can run it, run it, run it, no, this ain’t a debut. Love me once, I know you’ll love me twice, Love me once, the naughty turns to nice.” A feeling of empowerment exudes from this chorus, along with a hard-hitting drop. Overall, the song sounds like a classic, Western girl group’s song and is the first step for the group.

The music video for “Debut” shows off the impressive choreography for the song, the members having fun and complete awareness of how self-assured they are. It is a cute music video that showcases the artists’ ability to give it all from the first release.

KATSEYE’s First EP SIS (Soft Is Strong) Coming Soon

“Debut” is just a small taste of what’s up KATSEYE’s sleeves. The group will be having an EP titled SIS (Soft Is Strong), out on August 16. SIS is another direction in showing the group’s concept of sisterhood and being one as a group, which will be interesting to see what they do. Along with the EP release, there will be a Netflix documentary on the process of making KATSEYE through the girls and through their partner labels. There is no release date yet, but we will be the first to keep you posted on the announcement. Check out KATSEYE’s debut and become a part of their fandom, named EYEKONS.

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