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Dragonette Drops Empowering New Track, “New Suit”

Long-standing Canadian electropop artist Dragonette just dropped her new single titled “New Suit”, a feel-good empowerment song for all.

Exciting New Endeavors For Dragonette

Martina Sorbara, or Dragonette, originally started Dragonette as a band in 2005 with Dan Kurtz, a bassist and producer. Together, they played various gigs across the UK and Canada. They also won a Juno Award for “New Group of the Year” in 2008.


Even though they parted ways in 2016, Sorbara has dropped many hits as a single artist. Dropping popular hits such as “Tokyo Nights”, “Body 2 Body”, and “Summer Thing”, Sorbara has not shown any signs of slowing down.


Sorbara has also recently signed a label partnership with BMG in June of this year. BMG has partnered with numerous big artists this year, such as Rita Ora, a British singer-songwriter. After releasing many singles, She announced that she would be working on a new album with the label soon. “Dragonette has spent a lot of time as an itinerant band, releasing singles and collaborations with wonderful artists and labels all over the place. But now I’m so excited to start a partnership with BMG and with a record that I really couldn’t be more proud of. I’m so stoked to be launching this relationship on the foundation of this album and looking forward to building it from there.”


“New Suit” is A New Motivator 

dragonette drops new suit

“New Suit” sports a retro-style instrumental with a fast-paced pop-like groove. The song is all about change and the pride that comes with it. Through the chorus: “Change / Coming / Feel me in my brand new suit”, Sorbara’s message of self-assurance is clear. The catchy beat and powerful vocals will make this song an instant hit.



Even Sorbara herself is not immune to the motivation her song brings. “Fun fact: many songs are written horizontally. New Suit was written in goddess pose,” Sorbara tweets.


Sorbara also dropped a lyric music video on August 3rd, 2022, showing off paper cutouts of Sorbara dancing and singing in unique and zany ways. Her goddess pose is on full display here in this video, and it’s hard not to feel like copying her when listening to this pep-talk of a song!

What’s Next for Dragonette?

Although Dragonette is not scheduled to go on tour anytime soon, fans still are eagerly awaiting her new album. And if “New Suit” has shown anything, it’s that fans should get more excited for what’s next to come.

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