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Olivia O’Brien and FLETCHER Got Their “Bitch Back”

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“Bitch Back” – Olivia O’Brien (feat. FLETCHER)

Olivia O’Brien and FLETCHER team up for “Bitch Back” which serves as a savage, empowering, post-breakup anthem. The pop vocalists are the perfect friends to boost your confidence and get your mind off the heartbreak. According to O’Brien, the recipe to cure heartbreak blues entails pizza, tequila, and quality friends. O’Brien and FLETCHER are here to hype you up, put a smile on your face, and remind you your ex isn’t shit. 

Speaking of, your partner steals time away from your friends instead of a healthy balance between the two. This can cause loneliness during heartbreak, as well as depression and insecurity. “Bitch Back” details the return and celebration of the newly single friend in Olivia’s friend group. Although heartbreak comes with many hardships, Olivia and her friends can make the process a little easier and fun. Newly single people might revert to a carefree and wild version of themselves they embodied before the relationship. The i hate u, i love u,” singer is thrilled to regain the single version of her friend. 


Then, in the second verse pop singer/songwriter FLETCHER, reminisces about double dating twins with her friend. Her friend dated the guy and FLETCHER dated the girl. Above all, the “UnDrunk” singer emphasizes that “being single is way more fun.”  FLETCHER was born in New Jersey in March 1994. In fact, she competed on the X Factor in 2011 in a band called Lakoda Rayne. She is known for her transparency in her music, talking breakups, girlfriends, sex and more. FLETCHER was a brilliant addition to this pop banger. 

“Bitch Back” music video 

In detail, the music video shows Olivia, FLETCHER, and girl friends at the popular bar, Coyote Ugly. They dance, drink, and sing karaoke in cowboy hats. Check out the official video down below. 


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