“Hit Like A Girl” Is Meet Me At The Altar’s Latest Banger

Pop punk trio Meet Me At The Altar have outdone themselves on their new single, “Hit Like A Girl.” Rock and roll fans everywhere need to prepare, because this song is bound to be everywhere very soon.


The Importance of “Hit Like A Girl”

The phrase ‘hit like a girl’ has quite the negative connotation in pop culture and modern society. It’s often used to describe someone in a sporting game, usually baseball, having a weak hit. The lack of strength behind the baseball bat being swung and hitting a ball apparently makes one girly. 


Females have been working hard to reclaim their actual, genuine strength and the way that it’s portrayed in society, though. The feminist movement and all of its subsequent waves greatly features musical groups soundtracking the important events. Bands like Bikini Kill and The Regrettes put feminism and girl power in the forefront of listeners’ minds. 


The female-fronted trio Meet Me At The Altar has continuously done that. Their latest single, “Hit Like A Girl,” dives headfirst into that message like nothing ever before. This song marks the band’s first 2021 release, having two singles drop in 2020 after getting a record contract. The band signed with alternative rock label fueled By Ramen last year. The fantastic label has backed everyone from twenty one pilots to Paramore – the latter of which Meet Me At The Altar are frequently compared to.


Style, Flair, and Passion Make Up MMATA

Their sound is early 2000s pop punk meets Disney Channel Original Movie soundtrack. It’s light and fun, garage band-esque, and includes another magical quality that people have yet to put their finger on. Maybe it’s the feminism or their overarching positivity, but Meet Me At The Altar is consistently infectious.


“Hit Like A Girl” is an anthem for every empowered person out there. It puts the world in its place for ever thinking a female was less than equal to a male. Through gritty riffs and warming vocals, that message comes across in every single verse.


The best, most momentous, and marvelous one hits close to home. “’I’m tough, I’ll save the world and won’t even break a sweat – no bluff. I’m witty, yeah I know how to use my head. Said I’m too loud, I should sit down. No, I’ve got a lot to say, so what? I’m rowdy. Yeah, I hit like a girl!”


Powerful, electric, and hard-hitting, Meet Me At The Altar has set listeners in a tizzy with this new song. “Hit Like A Girl” turns a once negative phrase on its head in a time where we need it most. That, in itself, is a musical, feminist movement.

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