December 06, 2022

Dove Cameron Eats Boys For “Breakfast”


Singer-songwriter and actress Dove Cameron released her latest single “Breakfast,” following on February’s “Boyfriend.”

Dove Embraces Her Queerness

Dove Cameron has officially entered a new era. Earlier this year, she released the single “Boyfriend,” which was unique and certainly different from the pop tracks that we had heard in the past from her. Now, she’s back with her new song “Breakfast,” which follows the theme where “Boyfriend” left off ideally. 

Dove is embracing her queerness to the max in her new era. In “Boyfriend,” she talked about how she could be better than any boy the girl she was into liked. Now, she’s admitting that she also likes boys – and will literally – eat them for breakfast.

“I eat boys like you for breakfast. One by one hung on my necklace. And they’ll always be mine. It makes me feel alive,” Dove sings in the chorus.

She Finds Her Voice on “Breakfast”

I got tired of this pervasive and constricting male-dominated energy all around me making me feel like I was somehow set up to lose a game I didn’t even want to play,” Dove says. “So, I’ve been writing songs that allow me to take up space, to stop diminishing my power, and to explore the fullness of who I am in a new and sexy way. ‘Breakfast’ is just the next step in me finding my voice through my music and getting a little energetically weird.”

“Breakfast” is cinematic and mysterious, something that Dove has given us a lot of recently, and we are sure loving it. The song invites us to be strong, take charge of situations where we usually would not do so, and not let anyone tell us what to do. Overall, it is a masterpiece and we can’t wait to see what else Dove has been working on! 


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