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The Perfect Rendition of an Elvis Classic by Måneskin

Oftentimes with modern bands and film biopics of classic and legendary artists, there is a stench of corporate greed. Whether it’s half-assed covers or a complete reimagining of a song within a completely different genre. What this does is dramatically eliminate what made the original so great and is often a blemish on the film and the artist behind it. This is why when I saw that Måneskin was going to be making a cover for the late great Elvis’ “If I Can Dream,” I was skeptical. 



This Would Make Elvis Proud 

Thank God I was wrong. This cover is a respectable one that’s built upon honoring what made it work for Elvis. While still having sprinkles of modern sound. For a little bit of lore on Måneskin, they’re an Italian rock band. Through 5 years worth of dedication and some viral success with songs like Beggin’ they’ve been tasked to bring life to a classic. What does this equate to? 

Aside from the aforementioned respect and honoring, it’s important to note that Måneskin vocalist Damiano David was made for this. His so clearly rock ‘n roll delivery and fluctuations alongside the wonderfully composed rendition of the music makes this epic. Feel free to check out the official audio by clicking the image above. Otherwise, that’s it for now. For more on your favorites and unknown check out our Word and Drops sections.  

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