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Conan Gray Self Analysis Through Superache

Ex YouTuber turned pop star, Conan Gray just released his second album, Superache. Intrusive, private and deep, the album takes a chance to express Gray’s feeling from the perspective of a 23-year-old man who faces his emotions and soon to be future.

conan gray superache


Superache represents a growth-album, in which Conan Gray analyses his emotions and hopes to mature from it.

The album opens with a strong intro. In fact, the song Movies perfectly represents Conan Gray as an artist and possibly as a person: an hopeless romantic, full of emotions to express and love to give, who is still looking for the right person to share his emotions with. The song also presents touching and relatable lyrics.


However, this is a characteristic that is recurrent among the entire album. His honesty and relatability are in fact his biggest strengths, making him a friend and confessor to fans.

Singles like Yours and People Watching are present in the album as well. The songs could be considered as the first presentation of the album, not only because the first released, but also because emblematic of the meaning Gray aims to transmit through Superache. In particular, People Watching shows how Gray finds his love in other couples, and how his desire to find a lover doesn’t find a realization in his life but rather in others’. In fact, he narrates and creates a situation from the perspective of a person who has never found their soulmates but dreams about the objectively perfect relationship. Gray wants to “fall without caution,” despite and well conscious of his habit of “cutting people out like tags on [his] clothings”.

However, a poignant Yours marks how he would love to be someone to a special someone. In the song, he cries for he is not part of the life of the person he loves. Not as she would like, not as “yours” as he would love to be.

On the other point of view comes the 80s sounding Disaster, which includes the description of a non-reciprocal dream.

The artist also includes songs related to the platonic sense of love. Best Friend is a song, as can be deduced, to his best friend. It honours the time and moments they lived together. It also cheers all the things that could break any normal relationship but rather keep theirs together. Moreover, he also touches a crude, touching description of his relationship with his family in the song Family Line. Just like Family Line, also Summer Child represents an insight to his youth.

The Upcoming Tour

After multiple dates in Europe, Conan Gray is ready to head back to his home country to perform almost 20 concerts between September and October. Moreover, the artist will also fly to Australia and New Zealand for four nights only. Auckland, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne are the blessed cities where Conan Gray will play.

Find more information about the upcoming tour here.

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