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Doja Cat’s Comeback Single Is Getting Everyone’s ‘Attention’

Doja Cat ditches 'mediocre pop' on all future releases.

Doja Cat kicks off her new music era strong with “Attention,” a single riddled with rap and complex storytelling. The star hasn’t released new music since last year’s “Vegas” off Baz Luhrman’s Elvis soundtrack. Music’s most-buzzed-about rapper resurfaces amid negative tweets calling her fans ‘idiots’ and degrading her past work as ‘cash grabs.’ Yet “Attention” doubles down on the negativity, with Doja inviting listeners to experience the underbelly of fame.

Doja’s showcased a more narrative-focused, beat poetry-esque rap on SZA’s remix of S.O.S hit “Kill Bill.” The track’s original version peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100, and its parent LP has logged 10 weeks atop the Billboard 200.

“Look at me, look at me. You lookin?” she inquires in the first verse. Well, everyone saw the placeholder artwork’s bloody, upside-down letter “A” transform into a barely-covered bloody Doja. Her Scarlet Letter-marketing rollout suggests the bloody appearance alludes to how fame rewards the drama starters for bullying stars. “You’re lucky ’cause I just paid your bill with a reply. I just made your money pile knee-high. I just made your stats peak; now you got a blue check,” swings Doja. “Now you can afford to go and reinstall a new wig.”

Doja truly leaves behind ‘mediocre pop’ with “Attention,” a genre which earned her seven Top 10 hits over the last three years with pop-leaning songs like ”Say So” and ”Kiss Me More.” Additionally, she vowed to leave behind ‘mid and corny raps’ on all future releases. She took to Instagram stories to announce some of the tracks of the upcoming album– first rumored to be titled Hellmouth but corrected to First of All

Is Doja Cat’s “Attention” the perfect comeback for her forthcoming rap album? Check out more Releases on Music Daily!

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