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MD Discovery: How Sid Sriram Is Changing the Genre Game

Wildly inventive, effervescent, and eclectic, Indian singer-songwriter Sid Sriram is making waves across the world. Embracing both his American nationality and Indian heritage, Sid Sriram has quickly become a master producer of all different styles of music. Let’s check out this intriguing artist together…

Carnatic, Soul, and Jazz Fusion

Born in India but moving to America at a young age, Sid Sriram was quickly nurtured in numerous facets of music. Among the music he was exposed to was “Carnatic” music, a culturally rich music discipline originating from Southern India and passed down through his family from generation to generation.

Carnatic music has an emphasis on improvisational vocals, with a much richer and more comprehensive denotation and sense of musical notes than Western music. In some styles of Carnatic music, there are 22 distinguishable notes, while in Western music there are only 12.

Combined with Sriram’s upbringing in jazz, soul, and R&B, which he credits for “raising” him as a child, Sriram is able to mix together a musical palette unlike any other. In much of his music, he is able to blend traditional Carnatic elements with Western pop and soul elements. From the classic Carnatic vocal bending juxtaposing with gothic choir, acoustic guitar, and drums, Sriram allows listeners to sway while getting a taste of his rich culture.

A Passionate Singer

Sriram’s vocal control is something incredible to behold as well. Able to bring in an infectious energy, while keeping a soothingly inviting tone, Sriram is a master of blending and matching his vocal elements with his ensemble band.     

Check out Sriram’s wonderful Tiny Desk performance here:

Sid Sriram has a decorated discography as well, primarily indulging himself in the film sphere as a playback artist. Award academies such as the South Indian International Movie Awards and the Asiavision Awards have awarded him “Best Playback Singer” for 7 straight years now.

Sid Sriram certainly has brought a completely new look and perspective on South Indian music to the masses. Check out Sid Sriram’s future projects here.

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