Doja Cat Trolls The Internet About Next Album

Doja Cat Trolls The Internet About Next Album

Doja Cat
Via Vogue Singapore

Doja Cat isn’t your typical celebrity.

She’s loved by many for her raw and hilarious personality. She doesn’t use her fame to act like somebody she’s not. She’s herself anywhere and everywhere.

Doja Cat
Via @dojacat on Instagram

As well as her music, fans additionally love her social media accounts where she posts hilarious photos and videos of herself on Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok. Every day is something different, whether it’s some crazy cool eyebrow designs, her toes, overly filtered pictures of herself; her social media accounts double as comedy pages.

Recently on Twitter, Doja Cat has been trolling her followers about a new album she may have coming out soon. Doja’s music style from what we’ve seen so far can be described as hip hop, mixed with some R&B, mixed with pop rap. According to her Twitter on September 20th and 21st, she seems to not even know what to do next.


The prankster seems to not take this as seriously as her fans. They’re dying to know what kind of music she will be coming out with soon.

A Woman In The Rapping Industry

Her last project, Planet Her, was released on June 25th, 2021 and was a hit. The MRC ranked Planet Her the biggest R&B album of the year. It spent half a year on the Billboard 200’s Top 10, and named Doja Cat the first female rapper to spend that long on the Billboard 200’s Top 10. 

Doja Cat
Planet Her cover

Doja has expressed how hard it can be to be a female rapper in today’s music industry.  While being interviewed by Nick Cannon on Power 106 back in July 2021, the artist shared that she feels women rappers aren’t seen as smart.

This artist spoke for all female rappers when stating in the interview, “Maybe you don’t have much sense of humor, or maybe you’re stuck up… like female rappers are vapid or less than smart, that’s how they’re looked at.” Today’s society and the music industry degrade many female rappers. But she made a statement with her album, as have many other great female rappers of the present.

Hopefully when she stops trolling the internet, official news about her new album will come out soon. Doja, we’re waiting!


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