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Doechii Goes “Crazy” On Latest Track

Doechii From the "Crazy" Music VideoDoechii Continues To Leave Us Guessing

Tampa rapper, Doechii is currently making waves with her give-all penmanship. Capturing listeners with catchy flows, and intense visuals.  Beginning on Soundcloud with her viral hit “Girls” she only continues to viralize.  At 22 she has already made a name for herself.  Including, opening for SZA, getting spotlighted by Spotify as a 2022 artist to watch, and a shout-out by Doja Cat.  Her assured sound and raw lyricism make Doechii an artist that you can expect the unexpected from.  Definitely, her latest single, “Crazy” and its accompanying music video prove this.

The Meaning Behind The Track

Doechii’s “Crazy” is a severe song.  Scream-rapping on the track, you hear influences from Azealia Banks’ “212.”  Further, vocalizing what she means by “Going crazy” her energy is on one-hundred from the beginning to the end of the song.  On Instagram, she explains that “Crazy is about un-contained power, creativity and confidence. People call you crazy when they fear you or they don’t understand you.”  Doechii’s music is a mirror for other people she says – creating songs that people can listen to and consume how they understand it.

The “Crazy” Video Is Not As Simple As You Think

Moreover, this is the sentiment she wants to get across after youtube’s ban on the “Crazy” music video for being “violent.”  You see Doechii in the video with nude models as they move through scenes of flaming cars, piles of weapons, and pregnant women.  This, aggressive choreography, fights, and Doechii putting a cigarette out on her arm are all part of the vision.  “It’s a piece that challenges the viewer to look at stigmatized imagery”  the video’s director explains.  Further, it “Asks them to see beyond their first impression to see the female form not in moments of sexuality but instead in moments of truth, intensity and power,”

Additionally, “Crazy” follows the release of “Persuasive” her lo-fi single from earlier this year.  Currently, no announcements have been made for Doechii’s next project.


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