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Devon Again Drops New EP, ‘PEE’

Following the release of her latest hits, “All My Fault” and “HEAD,” TikTok star Devon Again walks her way up and drops her vulnerable and open hearted new EP, PEE.

Following the release of her latest hits, "All My Fault" and "HEAD," TikTok star Devon Again walks her way up and drops her new EP, 'PEE.'
PEE By Devon Again EP cover. Photo Credit: @prettypuke

It’s “All Her Fault”

PEE is Devon Again’s first EP. Following the 2021 debut singles “Burn Down” and “Suburbia,” the artist released a collection of six songs regarding her latest breakup. With a magical voice, often brought to a fairy falsetto in choruses, she brings both energy and melancholy PEE. The two sides perfectly cohesively coexist in an unmissable alt-pop release.

An honest and conscious self analysis, PEE represents Devon Again’s blame and regretful awareness after her supposed relationship ended. Songs like “I broke mine too”  and “All My Fault” define the album’s theme, presenting her persona as the culprit in the end of her love. A lost boyfriend, doubts for past actions and shame are the distinctive and recurrent feelings in PEE. In particular, the song “I broke mine too” appears as the leading track. The song describes the singer’s sense of guilt and regret looking back at her past relationship. “I broke your heart / But I broke mine too / Cuz you deserve the world and I don’t deserve you,”

Devon Again Is HEADing To The Top

Among the others, the song that shines through is undoubtedly “HEAD.” “There’s something ’bout a downfall, feels like home, Just so comfy in my old clothes,” Devon Again sings in her open hearted lyrics. Defining her recurrent return to her comfortably old mistakes, she vocalizes her deepest fears and remorse for her inability to leave the place that brings her down. But that just “feels like home.”

“Thought that God was out to get me / Turns out that I don’t have faith / Swimming in my skin, it gets so ugly / And there’s no one else to blame,”

Discover more about this rising star and the previous release that lead her to stardom here.

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