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“Snow In LA” Is Not Your Typical Holiday Jingle

"Snow In LA" Noah Cyrus and PJ Harding
Noah Cyrus in the ‘Dear August’ music video (Image: Youtube)

The Delightful Duo

The newest Christmas duet is “Snow in LA” by Noah Cyrus and PJ Harding, released on November 18. The duo first found success with “July” by Noah Cyrus, which featured production and writing from PJ. “July” is Cyrus’ best-selling single with over 650 million streams on Spotify alone. With that being said, the frequent collaborators released a joint EP titled People Don’t Change on April 23, 2021. And now Harding and Cyrus switch it up for a mellow acoustic Christmas tune. 

Christmas Magic Fades In “Snow in LA” 

Unlike most Christmas songs, “Snow in LA” reveals different perspectives of the holiday. “Oh, the children all lay awake hoping / That maybe they’ll hear Santa’s sleigh / But they know all too well / ‘Bout the lies grown-ups tell,” the third verse reads. The Christmas magic begins to fade as children realize Santa is a fictional character. The holidays are tough for people for many reasons. Some parents don’t have enough money to buy gifts for their children. And others do not have loved ones to spend the holiday with. Also, the seasonal depression and feelings of loneliness arrive during the holiday season. 

“Snow in LA” is a relatable Christmas song for those experiencing pain and hardship during the holidays. “And there’s six feet of snow in the San Fernando / Weighing heavy on every heart / But there’s hope under Bethlehem’s star,”

The track has a somber tone to it with a lightly-strummed guitar, like most of the duo’s collaborations. “No one answers their door for carolers in New York / But hey, we’re getting snow in LA,” Harding and Cyrus harmonize together. The pop and country instrumental has hints of church bells and an unexpected beat drop at the final chorus. “If it turns out we all / Just weren’t worth dying for / Well, at least we got snow in LA,” the duo sings. 

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