Devin Kennedy and Caroline Kole Drop “Mean To Me” Duet

Mean to Me,” released January 28, is a catchy, meaningful power pop track from Devin Kennedy and Caroline Kole.


Devin Kennedy and Caroline Kole: A Match Made in Pop Heaven

With almost 500,000 monthly Spotify listeners between the two of them, Devin Kennedy and Caroline Kole are a dream team. Each artist has their own respective style and fan base, but compliment the other’s flawlessly.


In a press release, Kennedy touched upon how these two modern pop sensations collaborated. “Our paths crossed earlier last year and we knew we wanted to collaborate in some way. Though we couldn’t be in the same room together to record this, FaceTime closed the gap between LA and Nashville. So excited to kick off 2021 this way, and anxiously awaiting the day we can play it live in front of actual people.”


Caroline Cole is a popstar, with roots in the country circuit and hints of EDM laced into what she creates. From touring with Blake Shelton to being featured on global electronic dance playlists, Cole has a hand in everything. She’s reminiscent of Raissa and Charli XCX, but with a Taylor Swift twist.


Devin Kennedy is also a pop star, but touches upon the sad, indie side of the genre. His songwriting ability and lifelong talent as a multi-instrumentalist rounds out his down-to-earth sound and intimate vibe. His style uniquely takes pop to another level similar to that of Phoebe Bridgers and Wallows.


Hot and Fresh: “Mean to Me” 

Together, this perfect pairing created “Mean to Me.” Devin Kennedy and Caroline cole Push The Narrative of what pop music can be. In this duet, fans are hearing about the voice in their head that sets them up for failure. Everyone is much more than their inner demons though and this power pop track showcases that. 


Kennedy stated “‘Mean to Me’ is a bold song about being your own worst enemy.” Lyrically, the song grapples that subject head on, but musically it is anthemic and fun. This combination allows for an introspective look into who we are as people.


Kennedy also produced the track alongside Whakaio Taahi, who has worked with bands such as Hot Chelle Rae. As a producer, Kennedy’s credits (even as a young star) range from Broadway’s Ben Platt to pop’s Jake Miller. 

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