Raissa’s “SHADES ON” Prepares Fans for HEROGIRL EP

New Year, New Song, New EP for Raissa

Raissa’s “SHADES ON” is the only pop song you need to be listening to right now. The dreamy, electropop track dropped late January and is already close to 100,000 streams on Spotify

The multidisciplinary artist broke onto the scene in 2020 and has been on-the-rise ever since. Her captivating creativity and unique musical style allows anyone and everyone to love at least one of her songs. In all of her singles thus far, twinkling EDM beats back her light-as-air vocals. 

Raissa’s “SHADES ON” is no different. Her voice is melodic and airy above bouncy background music. The song is also funky and uptempo, ready to be heard in a nightclub post-pandemic. (The key lyrics are “In the club with your shades on,” and “Near the sun with my shades on.”)

“SHADES ON” is a song to be sung loud and proud, detailing confidence in a spirited manner. In a press release, Raissa explains just how the fun-loving, self-assured song took flight. “This song was a freestyle, a tongue in cheek moment about feeling like a boss and letting everyone know.”

“SHADES ON” is the rising star’s first single of the new year. It follows up her string of hits from 2020. This includes “BULLYING BOYS,” “ANGEL ENERGY,” as well as her beloved collaboration with Mark Ronson. “I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight” featured Raissa and the critically acclaimed producer together on an atmospheric track. It further propelled Raissa into the spotlight, especially as a sci-fi inspired artist. 

Raissa’s “SHADES ON” Kickstars the HEROGIRL Era

Mark Ronson helped discover Raissa and will be releasing her forthcoming EP from his label Zelig Records. Zelig is a subgroup of Columbia Records that has worked extensively with Ronson, as well as indie popstar King Princess. 

Raissa’s EP via Zelig will be titled HEROGIRL. The press release further developed the idea behind HEROGIRL“The narrative arc of the HEROGIRL EP chronicles a hero’s journey, a classic story telling device wherein the protagonist crosses the threshold into another realm to learn a critical lesson that can then be applied to the normal world.”

Everything Raissa creates is on a personal and meaningful level. She is an artist who does more than just write songs – she creates new worlds from scratch. All of her music videos so far have been self-directed, which, pandemic or not, is a wonderful choice. She’s free as her own director and stylist.

Nobody knows Raissa’s passion for science fiction or music better than herself. Therefore, doing her own songwriting and video-producing brings her vision to life effortlessly. “SHADES ON,” alongside all of her previous stellar singles, depict that perfectly.

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