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Dermot Kennedy Embarks On “Sonder Street Sessions” Busking Tour

Dermot Kennedy better days

“Sonder Street Sessions’ Busking Tour

Singer-songwriter Dermot Kennedy is performing in cities across North America and Europe on the “Sonder Street Sessions” Busking Tour. The tour commenced in July and will continue into the fall. The “Outnumbered” singer busks the streets of different cities aiming to raise money for national and local charities. He performs at the events as well as supporting these charities. The event locations will be announced the day of each performance on Kennedy’s social media platforms. 

In fact, the musician visited Mexico City in July and raised money for the Shawn Mendes Foundation. In the beginning of August, Kennedy traveled to Chicago to support The Unison Fund which assists the music community with counseling and emergency relief services. 

Dermot Kennedy’s Youtube Channel 

It should be noted, Dermot Kennedy uploads his performances at Mexico City, Toronto and Boston on Youtube. The Dublin native’s youtube channel has racked up for 500,000 subscribers and his fans get to watch his intimate performances. Furthermore, his setlist includes the tracks Lost / Swim Good, Something to Someone, Better Days, Kiss Me and more. 


Meaning Of “Sonder”

Importantly, the 30-year-old singer calls the tour the “Sonder Street Sessions’ because the word “sonder” means “the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.” Sonder is also the title of the singer’s second album which will arrive November 4th. Dermot Kennedy combines folk with soul and modern pop in his music. The Irish singer began writing songs as a teen and eventually his music gained traction in the late 2010’s scoring smash hits like “Power Over Me” and “Outnumbered.” His debut album Without Fear has sold 160,000 copies in Canada, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Without a doubt, fans are ecstatic for Kennedy’s new single “Kiss Me” releasing in September. 

Dermot Kennedy Affirms That “Better Days” Are Coming

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