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Daya Drops Obsessive New Single “Her”

Synthpop star Daya just dropped an obsessive and stylish new single “Her,” a tale of lingering love and infidelity. 

Daya Drops Her

Daya’s Beginnings 

Releasing her first debut single, “Hide Away,” when she was just in high school in 2015, it was clear Daya, or Grace Tandon, had a lot coming her way. This single would reach #40 on Billboards’ Pop Song Chart. Gaining a lot of traction from the single, Daya would also release her first EP in 2015 and would also perform for pop group Jack & Jack’s tour and for President Barack Obama in 2016. The Chainsmoker’s Grammy-winning track “Don’t Let Me Down” also famously features her, which would peak at #3 on Hot 100. 


Since her debut, Daya would release 1 album, 2 EPs, and 17 singles, with her latest EP “The Difference” being extremely successful. 


“Her” Tells A Dark Obsession

“Her” is a very artistic type of song, deceiving the listener at every turn. The song is split up into two parts, with a more upbeat instrumental at first abruptly devolving into a slower creepy ballad. Featuring heavy synths and percussion that compliment Daya’s harmonious singing, this song is addictively catchy. The almost disturbing lyrics of someone obsessing over their former lover gives the whole track an explicit, creepy vibe. In the first half of the song, Daya’s singing is more controlled and her lyrics more defeated: 


Just this once, can I have fun for one goddamn minute?

Without thinking of her, thinking of her, thinking of her”


Yet in the second half of the song, Daya seems to be crying out, lamenting through her singing: 


“Do you miss my hands wrapped around your waist?

Do you picture me when she’s at your place? (Ooh)

And the worst of all is I missed your call

And I’m all alone, feeling vulnerable”


When discussing the song, Daya had this to say: “Her” is pretty explicitly about being consumed by memories of a previous lover after a relationship ends, even when getting intimate with someone else. It’s in those moments that it’s been hardest for me to move on, and I really wanted the track to convey how paralyzing it can all feel in the moment, which is why the second half descends into what feels like some sort of a disorienting bad dream.


Daya incredibly artistic visions and talent are on full display in “Her,” and it will be very exciting to see what new tracks she creates next! 

Click here to check out Daya’s upcoming tours and songs! 

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