December 02, 2022
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One Trick Chainsaw; Dark Divine and “Run Away”


Alright so on August 18th, at 9PM EST of all times, metal band Dark Divine released their latest song: Run Away. Now, keep in mind, I’m more of a Solence guy myself, but I digress. This track is a bit of a slog; doesn’t mean there isn’t anything of value, which is why we’ll be getting into it. 



A One Trick Chainsaw: 

First things first, I want to say that the use of chainsaws in the lyrics hit me in a sweet spot. I’m a Chainsaw Man fan, so anything with that automatically gets brownie points. That said, how does Dark Divine handle the themes of negativity, mental health, and enlightenment? Well, from a composition standpoint there isn’t anything special. The riffs, drums, etc. all feel a bit samey. Now, what REALLY stands out to me is the vocal performance by frontman Jason Thomas. His voice is particularly smooth and infectious when getting into the verses. The growls are excellent; which makes it such a shame the music isn’t nearly as captivating. 

Now, I can be completely wrong. I strongly urge you to give the song a listen. As I believe that, even though this one wasn’t very good, I understand that Dark Divine have a devoted fanbase. Looking into them, while relatively small, their fanbase on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram combined is a total of about 43 thousand followers! That’s nothing to scoff at! Maybe you’re going to be one of those too. Give it a shot! 

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