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Darius Rucker, Lainey Wilson & The Cadillac Three Are ‘Comin’ to Your City’ in New ESPN GameDay Theme

Uniting some hard hitters from both rock and country, ESPN spared no expense in crafting the new theme song for their flagship college football show, College GameDay.

This is the second piece of music that ESPN has commissioned for their football programming, following the cover of “In the Air Tonight” that Snoop Dogg and Chris Stapleton produced about a week back. Though the “worldwide leader” continues to draw a ton of eyes on their live sports year in and year out, the additional musical punch they’re adding to two of their flagship segments certainly adds to the already anthemic quality.

A Fittingly Epic Update to the Longtime GameDay Theme

With dozens upon dozens of schools going head to head each week across the country, the GameDay crew descending on any particular school is somewhat of a crowning moment—major league acknowledgment that all eyes across the US are on that team’s performance. “Comin’ To Your City” absolutely leans into both the tradition that the show upholds, and the “traveling circus” aspect of its production, all the while keeping Down South country at its core. Sonically, a bit of flair comes towards the middle, when rolling hi-hats storm in as Lainey Wilson veers into rap for a high-tempo list of alma maters.

A shot from the set of the music video for "Comin' To Your City," covered by Darius Rucker, Lainey Wilson & The Cadillac Three. The new version will be used as the ESPN College GameDay theme. Retrieved from @thecadillac3 on Instagram.
A photo of all the featured artists on this new version of “Comin’ to Your City.” Taken from @thecadillac3 on Instagram.

Crucially, for this college football theme, the network had more of an in-house base to work off of than with Monday Night’s. Big & Rich’s original version of “Comin’ To Your City” had already been used as the lead-off music for GameDay since 2007. Rucker, Wilson and the Cadillac Three’s new edition comes with added details specific to its role, though. Iterating on the country duo’s original lyrics, the temporary supergroup references a litany of big-time football schools across the country, while also shouting out GameDay hosts Rece Davis, Lee Corso and new addition Pat McAfee, who made headlines when the Bristol network inked him to one of the richest broadcasting contracts in the recent memory.

As for the artists themselves, all three acts are currently on the road the same way the GameDay crew figures to be for the next few months. Find more info about The Cadillac Three’s, Darius Rucker’s and Lainey Wilson’s upcoming dates on their respective websites.

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