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The 1975 Announce an “Indefinite Hiatus”

According to frontman Matty Healy, English pop band The 1975 is going on an “indefinite hiatus” after their tour. Captured in numerous Tiktoks from their Sacramento show, Healy said the following:

“We love coming to this place and playing for you guys whenever we have the chance, and it’s wonderful you’re all here. After this tour, we will be going on an indefinite hiatus of shows so it’s wonderful to have you guys with us tonight. Thank you so much.”

Fans both in Sacramento and across the world quickly turned to panic. Another prominent English pop band popular with Gen Z and millennials (One Direction) announced the same thing, only to completely break up. Thankfully, at The 1975’s next concert in San Jose, Matty Healy cleared up the quickly spreading rumors. Again, captured in numerous Tiktoks, the singer said the following:

“I didn’t mean to scare any hardcore fans by insinuating that we were splitting up or anything. That’s not happening, don’t worry. We just need there to be a very firm, full-stop at the end of Still At Their Very Best ’cause I kind of still know what I’m doing, but part of me does not. But I suppose that the show’s supposed to be real, right? Do you know what you’re f–king doing? No? Exactly.”

What many fans failed to factor into the band’s first announcement is that historically, they usually go on a one-to-two-year hiatus after every tour. They use that time to write and produce music for the next album. Matty Healy only said the hiatus applied to shows. However, it was for the best that he made sure to clarify his statement two days later.

Still At Their Very Best is the continuation of The 1975’s tour to promote the band’s latest album. The American tour dates run through a Seattle show on December 2nd. Afterwards, the band heads overseas.

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