Between Friends Drop “Shiny” Off ‘tape 001’ Mixtape

Sibling duo Between Friends have pushed the envelope once again. Their new song, “Shiny,” is the perfect balance of chaos and harmony. (Musical harmony, that is.)


Between Friends Are Genre-Benders

“Shiny” is a highly original and unique take on alternative pop music. Between Friends have been bending the genre at their will since their start four years ago. The duo cemented their place in the industry after their 2018 EP, we just need some time together. The five track EP let the world know that alternative pop can be loved by everyone – if done right.


Now, in 2021, Between Friends has returned with another five songs. This EP, tape 001, is in the style of a mixtape. This will be the first of the series of the three mixtapes released by the group. 


The Los angeles-based act wants to keep their flow going and not let three years go by without a release. The wait was worth it though, because “Shiny” and tape 001 are a lot of fun. Every listener is sucked into the hip-hop meets alternative stylings of Between Friends. The accompanying music video for “Shiny” is no less artistic or otherworldly. (Even at only two minutes long!)


It’s All About Being Unique and New, But Still Determined

Their latest EP release doesn’t even clock in at 10 minutes long. Although, it’s an immersive and clarity filled piece of music. It’s obvious that the time away from creating has allowed Between Friends to grow. Sometimes a break is what the music needs – Miley Cyrus has done it, so has the Jonas Brothers and Normani.


Between Friends’ work is as effortless and determined as ever before. Their new mixtape and the forthcoming two is surely the group’s most headstrong work to date. It’s electronic, but acoustic, and there are synthesizers and instruments, all underneath layered vocals. 


Having Freedom as an artist has allowed Between Friends to release a mixtape like this and a single like “Shiny.” There is depth within their punky, authentic take on urban music and rave-like beats. If “Shiny” is anything to go by, Between Friends is on an outstanding musical roll with this mixtape series.

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