Claud’s latest ‘Every F*cking Time’ 

Claud Mintz, known as Claud, is a pop singer born and raised in Chicago. The singer is famous for their hits “Soft Spot” and “Wish You Were Gay,” which made them famous.

The artist is now back with the announcement of a new album and the single “Every F*cking Time.” Sincere and open hearted, the single is an acoustic discussion on a relationship and its high and lows. From the deepening of the couple’s relationship through the deepening of their conversations, to the disbelief of the artist when their partner said they loved them, this ballad is the narration of many love stories.

With “Every F*cking Time” arrives also the announcement of the album Supermodels. After two years since their previous release, Claud will now drop their new studio album. Third after Sideline Star and Supermonster, the album represents a new perspective from Claud’s eyes, who decided to analyse their relation with the web and TV beauty standards as well as “supermodels.”

Claud will release their second studio album, the acclaimed Supermodels. It will see the light on July 14 of this year, and will bring a breath of fresh air in the contest of what is our “normality.”

The album will come out under Saddest Factory and Dead Oceans.

UK and North American Tour

Credit: Supermodels cover art

The artist will make four stops in the UK before coming back to their home country and performing the following nights in the US – with an extra night in Vancouver, Canada.

The tour will start in July for the British dates. After a break in August, it will resume again in North America in September. The last performance will be in San Francisco, CA, on October, 10th.

The tickets are already available, as well as the pre-save of the album Supermodels. Make sure to get your ticket for this amazing show here.

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