Lauren Spencer Smith Wants to Skip to “That Part”

Lauren Spencer Smith falls hard and wants to move on to the happily ever after in “That Part.”

Lauren Spencer Smith and Her Familiar Face

British-born, Canadian singer-songwriter Lauren Spencer Smith has risen to popularity at a fairly quick rate. Born in 2003, the singer is only 19 years old. Despite her age, she’s already had a fair amount of musical exposure.

In 2020, she was a contestant in the 18th season of American Idol. She made it to the top 20 of the competition. That same year, her album Unplugged, Vol. 1 received a Juno Award nomination for Adult Contemporary Album of the Year.

Then, in 2022, her song “Fingers Crossed” reached the top 10 in several countries. This is largely due to the fact that a demo version of the song went viral on TikTok.

“That Part”

“That Part” is a pop love song that Lauren Spencer Smith wrote about her current boyfriend. It’s slow and tooth-rottingly sweet. In an Instagram post announcing the release of “That Part,” Spencer Smith talks about what the song means to her and what she hopes it means for her listeners.

“Love means so many different things to so many people, of all ages. It can come and go, but everyone deserves to feel real love no matter the form. So whether you’re in a loving relationship past or present, or haven’t experienced that yet, I hope you can blast this song through your house and it fills the room with happiness. I hope this song shows you that you deserve to be loved deeply and by someone who treats you the way you deserve, even if that someone is yourself.

Before I met Matt I never knew what real healthy love was and thought it would never happen to me….So if it happened to me, I promise it can happen to you”

“That Part” is yet another single off of Lauren Spencer Smith’s upcoming album, Mirrors. The singer has released several singles, as well as several song snippets, in preparation for Mirrors. The album is set to drop on July 14th. It is currently available for pre-order now here.

The lyric video for “That Part” includes several pictures of Spencer Smith and her boyfriend. The photos of them embracing and kissing add personal touches to the song. The lyric video furthers the song’s meaning of feeling so in love that you just want the happily ever after forever.

Check out the official lyric video below.

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