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Cities Renaming Themselves Due to Taylor Swift’s Era Tour

Cities went over the top to welcome the famous songwriter/musician.

Cities have renamed themselves due to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. Many city officials have gone overboard to welcome the superstar in the best way possible. This has turned into a competition per-se between those cities and it has entertained many Swifties on Twitter. Let’s see an example.

Swiftie gushes on how the town community has made him feel welcome during the concert!

We can clearly see the impact that Swift had on the music industry during her tour. Collecting sold out stadiums like candy, the famous singer has taken over the world by storm. So these cities have tried their hardest to stand out and impress Swift the most. Look at how Sin City has light up their Getaway Archer in honor of every album of hers! Pretty magnificent, if you ask me.

Las Vegas lit up their Getaway Archer to welcome Swift in their city on March 22nd 2023.

This tour has touched and sold out in various countries, skyrocketing tourism in each of those cities themselves. The account named PopBase on Twitter has stated that “Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour helped boost Las Vegas tourism to pre-Covid levels, according to the LVCVA.” Cities like Glendale and Arlington have even became Swiftieland, look below!

Account named Taylor Swift Facts has updated what each city has done to impress the superstar in the tweet above.

Taylor Swift and Swifties have one of the closest relationships I ever seen in my years of fangirling. She has given them private meet and greets, merch boxes that included videos dedicated to them, and very many fan surprises throughout the 17 years of her career. Other artists should do the same since we are the ones that have given them success in the first place. No other artist has given fans a 4 hours and 45 minutes of concerts with so much interaction with the fans inbetween just as she did. I believe Taylor Swift deserves all the success she is currently having and I wish her to continue being the talented songwriter she is, hoping I can attend one of her concerts very soon!

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