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CHUU Releases New Single “Chocolate”

Who is CHUU

CHUU is a K-pop soloist who was a part of the former 12-member group LOONA. After each member’s legal battle, they all re-debuted. She went solo instead of joining her former bandmates in their two groups, LOOSEMBLE and ARTMS Project. She currently has one mini album under her new company, ATRP Co. Originally, she was kicked out first and already made plans to come back better than ever. Known for her innocent visual and angelic voice, CHUU has become an idol sought after by many K-pop fans.

Courtesy of ATRP Co.

“Chocolate” Review

CHUU surprise-released a new single for Valentine’s Day called “Chocolate,” along with an English version. Her soft tone vocals against a strong hitting base and ethereal sounds are the perfect combination. Overall, this is not her first sweet, cute track, but it stands out as one of the best. The impressive high notes and runs before full-on rapping on a verse culminated in perfection. CHUU shows the versatility she’s had for over six years within the industry.

The message of the song is about how she is as sweet and delicate as chocolate. CHUU is telling her love interest that she is a catch and he will become infatuated with her. He can’t wait long or she’ll melt like chocolate. Her time is valuable and it’s only a matter of waiting for him to make a move.

It’s a cute Valentine’s Day track that puts you in a good mood and showcases how CHUU can go from silky smooth vocals to a full-blown rap section with ease. This is one of the best songs released for CHUU as a soloist. It is different from her first mini album. The mini album was more of a deeper story whereas this track doesn’t have a deep meaning, but tells a cute love story for the holiday.

Along with the single, she dropped two special videos for the track. The style of the “Special Present Clip” video shows CHUU with a love interest and captures the image of her perfectly. It’s an innocent video and just makes you smile. A selfie version also came out with her posing in various locations.

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