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Christina Aguilera is Working on a New Latin Album

Christina Aguilera is working on her second Spanish record. The project will arrive more than two decades later to her debut Spanish LP Mi Reflejo released in 2000.

The New Album Will Arrive as the Follow-up to 2000’s Mi Reflejo

Talking to People, Christina shared, “It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for so many years. I have an amazing team behind me that’s so supportive. I’ve been in music for a really long time, but there’s nothing like being around Latin musicians and artists. The energy they bring to the table, the love and the passion they just bring and exude. I actually am reinspired by music all over again, making this album.”

Christina won a Latin Grammy Award for Mi Reflejo – which dropped a year after her debut, self-titled album. Now, she’s ready to make a follow-up Spanish album now her voice has “fully matured”. “When I listened to my first Spanish record, I love it and I’m thankful for it. I won a Latin Grammy with it, but I listen to the record 20 years later and I’m like, ‘Oh, cute, that was baby Christina.’”

Christina is Ready to Take the Next Step

She added, “It was like her voice before it’s fully matured. So now things are a lot deeper in context and vocal capabilities that I’m using now, having had all the experience in the business that I have, so it definitely is tapping into new things for me, and with such a level of deeper respect and appreciation for where I’m at now as a grown woman.”

Christina grew up in Staten Island in New York City, and while her parents spoke Spanish around the house, she “never fully learned” it herself. “I always heard my parents speak it in the house, but I never fully learned Spanish. I’m even digging in and trying to start the lessons – it’ll take a little time balancing the show and the recording hours, but it’s coming.”

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