February 06, 2023



The Smith Siblings are Thriving

Jaden and Willow Smith, the children of Will and Jada Smith, have made names for themselves aside from their famous parents. Both children have come into their own through music, fashion, and community involvement. The siblings have just released new, captivating tracks – Jaden’s single, “BYE” and Willow’s album, lately I feel EVERYTHING. Their unique sounds are capturing attention from fans of every genre.

Siblings That Understand Each Other

Jaden entered stardom before his sister, starring in the popular Karate Kid remake and featuring on songs with Justin Bieber and Tyler, the Creator. Willow’s first entrance into music was with “I Whip My Hair” more than a decade ago, which became both a meme and a cause of deep anxiety for the young star. After a hiatus from music, it seems Willow has finally found her sound, thanks to the advice and understanding of her older brother.

Jaden’s Breezy Single, “BYE”

Jaden’s breezy summer track, “BYE”, demonstrates his deep creativity and unparalleled lyricism. The single takes us through a failed relationship and all its accompanying emotions – anger, grief, happiness, infatuation. Jaden is credited with writing the song along with Peder Losnegård. “BYE” precedes his upcoming album, CTV3 Day Trippers Edition, which is rumored to feature artists such as Justin Bieber and Joey Badass. Jaden has not yet revealed a release date, though fans are abuzz with the news.


WILLOW Goes Punk

Willow, who uses the stage name WILLOW, released her new album on July 16th. The first track, “t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l” featuring Travis Barker, was made popular thanks to TikTok. Fans are praising lately I feel EVERYTHING for its alt-rock and punk sound, which fits her voice perfectly. It’s obvious that Willow is growing into her own and diverging from mainstream music. The album sees Willow as a punk queen, a sound akin to her mother’s former band Wicked Wisdom. And yet, lately I feel EVERYTHING is an album distinctively her own. With features from Avril Lavigne and Cherry Glazer, the 11 song album is both nostalgic and new.


Any music from Jaden or WILLOW Smith is worth a listen, as their styles are constantly evolving and pushing boundaries. Jaden’s upcoming album is certainly one to keep track of, and lately I feel EVERYTHING is one to keep on repeat.

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