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Charlie Puth is Petty in “Smells Like Me”

Charlie Puth is back with a petty and well put-together single. Hot off his third studio album “CHARLIE.” (real original, my guy), “Smells Like Me” expresses the hopes that his ex still thinks about him. It’s infectious and intrusive, so let’s have a listen. 



Charlie Puth is Petty: 

So, I want you to imagine something. Now, I know it’s going to be a bit rough, especially for those with self-worth troubles, but let’s just do this experiment. You’re in a relationship, presumably a pretty good one. Things are peachy, but then, from the shadow realm something happens. Whether it’s communication goes awry, distance has started to form, whatever! Point is, the relationship ends. After your initial “eating ice cream alone” or “watching a nature documentary about seahorses” phase then I’m pretty sure you’d start to heal. Maybe your friends will cheer you up, but eventually you’ll get better. 

You won’t be HOPING, almost DESPERATELY pleading, that your ex comes back to you because their laundry smells like you. That’d be a bit, oh I don’t know, selfish and immature. Which is exactly what Charlie Puth has made his image into with this song. It isn’t sexy or cool. Sure, the production is spot on. It’s got the same vibe and almost the same construction as “Left and Right”, but that song’s pretty nice about missing someone. This song’s not so much. 

So, is this song trash? Do I hate it? Nah. It’s actually pretty well-done. Charlie Puth has an awesome voice and that’s on full display here. I just don’t think this particular presentation of the themes really paint him in the best light. What do you think? Was this completely up your alley? If so, then check out his third studio album! 

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