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Shawn Mendes Launches Signature Acoustic Guitar to Help Music Education Program

Global superstar Shawn Mendes has partnered with C.F. Martin & Co. (Martin Guitar) to create a limited-edition custom acoustic guitar.

Shawn Adds His Own Touch to the Guitar

The 000JR-10E Shawn Mendes Custom Signature Edition guitar takes inspiration from Shawn’s go-to vintage Martin and features classic Shawn imagery. Specifically, every detail of the guitar was designed and created in collaboration with Mendes for his official signature model. 

Shawn made sure to add his personal touches to the guitar. On each wing, we can see a swallow bird inspired by Shaw’s personal tattoo on his right hand. Additionally, each instrument comes with a special label featuring the Shawn Mendes Foundation sunburst logo. And to finish it off, Shawn’s signature is inlaid at the top of the fretboard.

To emphasize the project even more, a sample of Shawn’s lyrics is hidden somewhere inside the guitar. You might find one laser-etched on a brace, under the bridge, or even under the rosette. Some of the phrases include: “We lay under the same stars,” or “You’ll never be alone.”

It’s Also Environmentally Friendly

Alongside having a great sound and being comfortable, the guitar is also environmentally friendly. It was crafted with 100% Forest Stewardship Council, and comes with a gig bag made from recycled ocean plastic that meets the Global Recycled Standard.  Its retail price lands at $799.

 “Creating this guitar alongside Martin has been a dream of mine,” Shawn says. “The signature we created together is not only something I’m proud of musically, but also because it aligns with my passion for sustainability, and supports the Shawn Foundation’s initiatives. I can’t wait to share a guitar I love with fans across the world.”


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The Wonder of Music Program Will Help People in Toronto

As part of the partnership, a portion of the proceeds of the guitar will be going to the “Wonder of Music” Program at SickKids Hospital in Shawn’s hometown of Toronto. “SickKids is a very special place to me and my hometown of Toronto, and I’m so honored to support such an important program,” Shawn adds. “Music has made such a profound impact in my life and is no doubt a form of therapy to me. I can only hope the Wonder of Music Program will help SickKids patients, families, and staff benefit from its power as well.”

Overall, the Wonder of Music Program Presented by Mendes aims to fund music therapy activities that are accessible to young patients at the Toronto hospital, with activities including songwriting, first exposure to music, heartbeat songs for families of patients, and lullabies.

Finally, if you’re interested in purchasing Shawn’s signature guitar, visit for more information. 

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