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Charli XCX’s Best Deep Cuts

As Charli XCX gears up to release her fifth studio album on March 18th, let’s look back at some of the best deep-cuts in her discography.  These are (opinions) the non-single tracks that get hidden in the mass of a whole album, are forgotten about, or overall, are underestimated.  Why?  Because singles are overrated, and sometimes the underdog deserves the spotlight.  Charli’s discography is sprawling and full of hidden gems.  If anything, this will just be a gentle reminder of some forgotten tracks.  After sifting through, what is essentially, six albums (two are technically mixtapes) and two EP’s this is what this one Angel has come up with.

   1. Body 0f My Own – Sucker "Sucker" album cover

Typically, the Sucker album is considered the clunker album in Charli’s collection.  However, that is purely a myth.  It is brat-pop at its best; loud, kind of punk, and perfectly messy.  “Body of My Own” is no exception, and maybe even the track that embodies that description the best.  Charli’s whiny vocals and blunt lyricism epitomize the pop-punkness during that time of the early 2010s.  Honestly, if Olivia Rodrigo did this song today – it would be a hit.

   2. Take My Hand – True Romance"True Romance" Album Cover

As far as True Romance goes, we know it’s full of bangers.  The album is moody synth-pop excellence.  Tracks like “What I Like,” “Nuclear Seasons” and “Grins” are considered some of the best songs Charli has done.  Because of that, other smashers often get forgotten – like “Take My Hand.”  This song is pure ecstasy.  Ariel Rechtshaid’s production on this track is insane.  It is grandiose, soaring, and with a hazy feeling of being able to get lost in its enchanting escape.

  "Vroom Vroom EP" Album Cover3. Secret (Shh) – Vroom Vroom EP

Anything with Charli and SOPHIE is well done (that’s the consensus taken by me right now in my head).  Their 2016 collaboration on the Vroom Vroom EP is one of the most transformative projects in the pop soundscape.  The title track for the EP could very well be Charli’s magnum opus.  Because of that, the overlooking of “Secret (Shh)” happens.  Let it be known though, this track deserves her flowers.  The dark bass-driven beat drop is exhilarating.  The vocals are sexy.  The outro is intoxicating, and the track is just PC Charli genius.

"Number 1 Angel" Album Cover 4. Babygirl (Ft. Uffie) – Number 1 Angel

If an album could be a deep-cut, Number 1 Angel would be it.  Even more so, as a project with zero singles, a lot of the songs in this mixtape are deep-cuts.  Nonetheless, “Babygirl” definitely takes the cake as the most forgotten.  The song fuses utter cuteness and charm with bubbly 2000s synth-pop.  Uffie‘s nasally tone and adorable melody are the perfect addition too.  The track is an all-pink daydream full of champagne, really pretty tiny heart candies, light-wash denim jeans, and it’s also Valentine’s Day for some reason.

"Charli" Album Cover  5. Thoughts – Charli

Reining from Charli’s self-titled project… Charli, we have “Thoughts.”  Maybe the most intense song on the album, I hardly hear people talking about this track.  Except for the producer of the song himself.  Recently on Charli’s “Best Song Ever” podcast her friend and producer A.G. Cook shouts this song out.  Even better, he says that it is his favorite song the two of them have ever done.  He describes it as “a pretty extreme song” that he “couldn’t imagine anyone writing over.”  Indeed this one is heavy, yet it is quite tender.  Aside from the breathtaking chords Cook put together, it is what Charli does on top of them that’s magic.  She drudges through them.  The defeating tone in her voice works with the sonics of the track to create what a deep pit in your stomach feels like.  It’s ferociously emotional, and a really understated track for being so.

Recently, Charli XCX put out a “Beg For You” remix with A.G. Cook and VERNON.  Additionally, check out our Onstage section for details on her upcoming tour.  Lastly, CRASH her fifth studio album is out March 18th.



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