JAWNY’s “Best Thing” Talks The Worst Obsession

Love songs often tell intriguing stories, but sometimes, like in JAWNY’s case, it’s almost too imaginative and immersive. 


JAWNY’s Best Song – Really, It’s In The Title!

Being obsessively in love isn’t always a good thing, but from the outside looking in, it’s quite the compelling narrative. At least, until it has the very opposite of a happy ending.


California native JAWNY is a distinguished songwriter with stellar vocals and a knack for a variety of instruments. His comfortable, suburban Oakland roots mixed into his whirlwind, urban Los Angeles flare has made for quite the career. “Best Thing” is the latest to add to it.


“Best Thing” is the performer’s new single that is hot and catchy. It’s bouncy production is similar to that of nineties television theme songs, but it’s lyrically poetic. For a song with genuine plot twist found within both its writing and music video, it’s wonderfully evocative.  Sometimes the “Best Thing” is the worst for you, JAWNY explains through song.


Quickly does this two-and-a-half minute song bounce from comparing a significant other to being as “refreshing as an iced cold cola” to worrying about the strength of their love. The singer doesn’t want to be the “John to your Oh No,” which is supremely clever word play. John Lennon and his wife were torn apart by an obsession and by a gunshot. JAWNY tells the same tale throughout this new, urban pop single – and it’s in-depth video.


The End Of An Era

Got something coming tomorrow and after that it’s a full wrap on For Abby. New music next month if that’s cool with y’all. Let me know,” JAWNY wrote in an Instagram caption March 15. A month later, as expected, a new era began.


For Abby is just one aspect of JAWNY’s stellar, storytelling career. It was a special one, though, and luckily “Best Thing” picks up right where it left off style-wise.


An Instagram post dived a bit further into the making of this brand new single. “Best Thing is officially out on all platforms! Made this song with my friends from start to master,” the singer wrote. His collaborators on this project were his pals, producer Jared Soloman, and singer-songwriter Imad Royal. It was mixed by his close friend and frequent recording studio buddy, Nathan Phillips, an LA-based record mixer and engineer.


If JAWNY wanted to start this new age of his music on the write foot, doing it with his friends was the best option. His musical, thoughtful peers add personality, truth, and warmth to the stories JAWNY consistently works hard to tell. Like For Abby, “Best Thing” is a reflective, Earth-shattering piece of music. There are nostalgia songwriter elements, an urban flare, and beat-driven bridges that build on this story arc and overarching sound.

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