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jungle bobby Releases New Single ‘elevate’

jungle bobby has just released his latest single, ‘elevate (prod jason rich).’

jungle bobby and The Many Canadian Artists

Julien Bruce, known by the stage name jungle bobby, has just dropped his third single of 2022. The artist is a part of the Vancouver-based group Smoothie World, which is made of various producers and rappers.

jungle bobby has collaborated with several rappers and producers already. He has appeared on several of Canadian producer lentra’s albums, as well as albums in lentra’s other stage name, He’s also worked with other Canadian rappers, such as bbno$ and TrippyThaKid. Clearly, many of the Canadian rappers and producers have created a very collaborative mindset with each other.

As is the case with most artists that are still growing and gaining attention, jungle bobby does have a Spotify, but he has shared a lot more of his music on his SoundCloud.

jungle bobby elevate


The song ‘elevate’ is the fourth single off jungle bobby’s untitled and unreleased debut album. For the song, he collaborated with producer Jason Rich, who happens to be American rapper Yung Gravy’s executive producer.

jungle bobby wrote ‘elevate’ for “going up, and going up only,” according to the description of the audio on YouTube. He meant it to be for celebrating and living life without worries, aside from the fact that you may not have a jacuzzi.

‘elevate’ has an interesting groove to it. The way he rides the beat is definitely indicative of that laidback, chill, partying vibe. His lyrics coupled with the slower rhythms could call for either some relaxed head bopping or some serious club dancing. Check out the official audio below and see what you think.

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