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Cautious Clay Channels Sunny, Lo-Fi Vibes on “Puffer”

Getting to Know Cautious Clay

Joshua Karpeh, better known as Cautious Clay, makes music for the deeply emotional, lovesick people who get lost in a dream. He’s a professionally trained flutist and saxophonist, but his special brand of R&B and indie pop fusion is what sets him apart. His debut song “Cold War” came out in 2017 and became an underground hit, amassing millions of streams. If you love the playful indie pop from artists like Still Woozy, and Remi Wolf, but also the soul of artists like Omar Apollo, you’re gonna fall in love with Cautious Clay.


The Playful Lo-Fi Melodies of “Puffer”

His latest drop, “Puffer” is Cautious Clay’s first release following the deluxe edition of his 2021 album, Deadpan Love. It has a lo-fi vibe with reverbed guitars and a hip-hop edge with the playful cadence of the verses. The track is low-key but very melodic with a sunny, mood-boosting feeling. But despite the easygoing feel, the lyrics show a deep look inward.

“”Puffer” is a deeply personal track to me”, Cautious Clay says. “I found a metaphor that feels akin to our modern world: people often behave like pufferfish, in order to appear less vulnerable. In doing so this of course often has the opposite effect, in becoming more visible. And along the way we might lose track of our authenticity, by becoming larger than life.”

Haoyan of America directs this must-see music video with some heavy use of CGI. There’s chainmail, giant teapots, and massive pufferfish in this video game-like world they have going on. I mean, what more could you want? Check it out below.

Cautious Clay is busy on the road this summer. He’s on his Karma & Friends Summer Tour, playing solo shows and a slew of festivals. He’s also supporting BANKS, Jack White, and Lorde for select dates on their summer/fall tours. Click here to see a full list of dates and ticket options. And for more news about all your favorite artists’ tours and festival dates, be sure to stay up to date with our OnStage section!

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