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Cosette’s Sweeping New Single “Strings”

Cosette Strings Single Cover

Cosette: Your Newest Bedroom-Pop-Star Obsession

Cosette Lunsford, or simply “Cosette,” is a rising new artist coming from Nashville, TN.  The triple-threat producer, singer, and songwriter is creating unique music that is solely hers.  Recently, she debuted her latest single.  The aptly titled “Strings,” is a bedroom-pop piece of music candy with intrinsic classical influences.

Every Beat Has A Place On “Strings”

On this particular track, you can check the credits and see that Cosette is all on her own with this one.  When producing the track she says in an interview with Brew Music Friday that “‘Strings’ started from me finding this old record of orchestral music that was just begging to be flipped.”  With her tasteful ear she “started building the beat around the violin sample and at some point, it started turning into a more uplifting hopeful sound despite starting off dark.”  Indeed, the song has a breeze that runs through it.  The violin sample gently guides you into the opening verse.  Here, it leans into an R&B sound.

Then, Cosette’s sweeping vocal’s invade the backing of the track.  An influence that she says comes from who she is inspired by right now: Caroline Polachek.  “It has been Caroline Polachek” who she is obsessing over currently, “which is definitely the main inspiration for this specific track.”

Chronicling Her Life

Lyrically the track is just as heartfelt.  This, Cosette says comes from her analyzation of the relationships in her life.  “I play moments over in my head and think about how I felt, what I looked like, what my body language was, what their body language was, what my motive was, what their motive was.”  Everything has a place when it comes to Cosette’s art.  She has attention to detail.  This, with her ability to reference others, and take inspiration from her personal life is what makes her music one-of-a-kind.

Cosette’s newest single “Strings” is out now.

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