Cat and Calmell’s “jorge” Drops Ahead of Debut EP

Rising Australian duo Cat and Calmell just announced their debut EP Life of Mine. They celebrated by releasing “jorge,” a brand new single.

Based On A True Story

Cat and Calmell have only released three original songs (so far) across all streaming platforms, but that was enough to start a fanbase. These three songs, which include “jorge,” “dramatic,” and “dumbsh*t,” will be featured on Life of Mine. The EP drops June 25. 

The girls have already demonstrated their originality thanks to their lyrics. For example, “Jorge” is based on a true story. They shared to EMI Music, “‘jorge’ is based on a true story that happened on the way to our writing session! Calmell was driving on empty and we decided we’d be able to make it to the train station but of course, we didn’t and broke down. A super nice man named Jorge was spraying insecticide on the side of the road. He came and helped us out. We went to that session (although an hour late) and wrote this adorable song that’s immortalized this interaction we had with a kind stranger!”

The music video for the song clearly shows us how the story when down in real life. When the girls’ car breaks down, Jorge comes to help them. They look not too sure about him at first, but they realize that he looks like a good man. “Jorge, I bet you’re a good man. Working with those strong hands. What are your intеntions? I wish you the best in this life. Do you havе a nice wife? You forgot to mention,” they sing in the chorus.

The Road to Life of Mine

Life of Mine will include a total of eight songs. The girls shared, “This EP is so special to us because it encapsulates a time in our lives that was full of a lot of excitement but also a lot of uncertainty. It’s such a time stamp of our slightly younger and slightly more reckless days. A lot of the songs on this EP were written a while back so it’s nice to see where we were and where we came from both in terms of our music and our headspace back then.”

This duo comes with a fresh sound that we can’t wait to hear more of. Listen to “jorge” now, and also their debut EP, Life of Mine, on June 25!

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