SHAED’s Stirring New Single, “Dizzy” Is Sure To Impress

Ahead of their upcoming album, SHAED released “Dizzy” for fans to get a sense of where they’re at musically. 


Diving Headfirst Into High Dive

If you know SHAED, you know that their sound is infectious. Their take on electro-pop is uniquely their own and crafted in a thoughtful manner. Once again, they have done just that with “Dizzy.”


This brand new single from the DC-based band is set to be their new album’s opener. The band’s upcoming album is titled High Dive and is out May 14th. The 13-track album begins with “Dizzy,” which fans are already loving. From the amazing production aspect to the rollercoaster vocal range of their frontwoman to the haunting music video, “Dizzy” is one of SHAED’s best hits. 


Frontwoman Chelsea Lee dives into her vocal range like never before. Dips, quirks, hooks, and belts illuminate the song. It is all backed by a stunning story and even more powerful musicality.  There is an element of electronica, alt pop, and even indie folk amid this new single. It’s catchy and soul-stirring, regardless of the genre media outlets want to put it in. 


Isn’t it tragic? You’re never by my side. I knew this would happen. No one to hold me when I cry,” The first verse to “Dizzy” begins. If that doesn’t catch your eye, or your ear, what will? The singer-songwriter tendency and heartbreaking story at hand allows listeners to immerse themselves in it. 


Music With A Purpose

Something the band is working toward is ending the stigma around mental health. This song, and the album as a whole, dives into tackling inner demons. Whether you battle anxiety, depression, addiction, or just personal insecurities, it can take up a toll on your health. Understanding who you are and diving into discovering youself is important to your overall happiness. High Dive, as well as “Dizzy,” are musically and professionally talking about this subject. SHAED has no qualms about being vulnerable with their music and being cognizant of their platform. 


That’s not all. The trio that make up SHAED crafted this vital narrative during the coronavirus pandemic. This band saw what being quarantined did to them. They also saw other people they know and love beginning to spiral. By recognizing their actions and that of those around them, they were able to write a song. This song is a message of hope and an honest reflection of the effects of COVID-19. 


Also, in a press release for “Dizzy,” SHAED explains the intersection between songwriting and the pandemic. “COVID stopped everything full force and we reached a point when we were relying too much on alcohol at the end of the day just to numb everything. After getting way too dizzy… we woke up and poured our hearts into writing for the album.


High Dive is out May 14, but it’s opening song, “Dizzy,”  is out now.

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