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Cami Unveils Long Anticipated Third Album “ANASTASIA”

Chilean singer-songwriter Cami released her new album ANASTASIA, her first since 2020’s Monstruo.

Cami’s First Album in Two Years

Cami is officially here! Earlier this year, she gave fans a taste of new music when she dropped the single “EL PEOR” in March. Little did we know back then that it would be the last single that she would share before the entire LP became available. Nevertheless, other tunes that were released as back as 2020 and take part in the album are “POCA FE,” “MIA,” “PERREO PA LAS NENAS,” “LUNA,” and “BIG BANG.”

ANASTASIA (which receives its title from Cami’s middle name) is finally out, and Cami didn’t disappoint us. Not only does the project include a staggering amount of 17 songs, but they are all solo songs. You read that right! The LP has no other artists featured in any of the tracks. Some standout tracks include “VENGANZA,” “DIA DEL AMOR” and “UN LUGAR.” There is also renown producers such as JonThe Producer and Sebastián Krys involved on this project.  Besides Julio Reyes contributing songs he wrote, the songwriter Elena Rose who has written hits for Becky G, Maluma, Selena Gomez and Bruno Mars lends her tunes to this album. 

What Was the Inspiration For ANASTASIA?

ANASTASIA is quite an awakening,” Cami told Los 40. “It all started with my love for musicology and frequencies. We are a large percentage of water, so we vibrate with many things. And I was studying this at the same time as sexology. Thus I discovered a place of much reflection and awakened many places in me that I did not know. I tied it with my performance and lyrics. I love neuroscience, but I like the underground world of it even more, it’s a good vibe. That’s where the concept that encompasses this new album comes from.”

Cami added that ANASTASIA comes from a place of happiness. She calls these her “Nirvana” moments. More specifically, when she writes new music or gets to stand on a stage and perform the music she loves. She also explained that every single song in the album talks about experiences that she has actually lived. None of them are made up. So, if you want to get to know Cami better, you better get to listening to her new album!

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