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Trueno & J Balvin Join Forces For “UN PASO”

Argentine rapper Trueno & reggaeton star J Balvin joined forces for the new hit track “UN PASO.”

Trueno Maintained J Balvin’s Collaboration a Secret

Back in May, Trueno released his highly-awaited third album BIEN O MAL, which included huge features with artists like Nathy Peluso, Victor Heredia, and Bizarrap. Nevertheless, 2 of the 15 songs in the LP were kept hidden, and didn’t become available on the album release date. One of them was “UN PASO,” and we now know the reason why it was a surprise track – J Balvin is featured in it! Another song in the album, “LO TENGO,” is still hidden to date. So, who knows what the backstory for that track might be. Maybe there’s another big collaboration included in it!

“UN PASO” marks the first collaboration between the pair, but the two make it seem like they have known each other for a lifetime. Trueno is a new artist and is only 20 years old, compared to the expertise and mastermind of 37-year-old J Balvin. Nevertheless, both of them look like they have been doing this for years.

The Pair Looks Like Lifelong Friends on Music Video

The music video for “UN PASO” was directed by El Dorado and Lucas Vignale. In the video, we first see Trueno as he’s surrounded by a sea of masked dancers. Just then, he owns the first verse of the track. When he’s done, J Balvin appears to add his own rap to the mix. By the end of the visual, we see them rapping along together.

“This is music to represent what we kids listened to a few years ago,” Trueno said via Twitter. “We are reaching places we never imagined and forever with the country by our side. These days a hymn comes out. For those who like perreo, are you guys asking me for reggaeton? I’ll give it to you. J Balvin, a tough one, an artist from the humblest who most supports the new school. He went down to the neighborhood to make the video with us. This is a Latin union, Argentina and Colombia.”

Back in March, J Balvin united with Ed Sheeran for the two tracks “Sigue” and “Forever My Love.” Check them out!

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