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Brye Releases Her Poignant, Powerful Album “RECOVER”

Brye has just released her highly anticipated album, 'RECOVER.' The album brings up body positivity, unrequited queer love, religious shame, neurodiversity and more.

Brye’s Viralness

Brye is an indie pop artist you’ve probably heard of before. She’s a singer, songwriter and producer known for writing songs that confront oppressive systems. In 2020, her song “LEMONS” with Cavetown became a viral TikTok song, addressing misogyny in its lyrics. “You’re a sour little boy / With a fragile masculinity,” Brye sings. “You saw me as your toy / Now that I’m not, you abuse me.”

This past January, Brye started another TikTok wave with her single “Diet Culture.” The song currently has over two million streams on Spotify. Brye speaks on body positivity in the song’s lyrics. “There’s nothing wrong with my body / ‘Fat’ is not a dirty word.” She continues with, “If my body tells me something / I will make sure it is heard.”

“Diet Culture” began a series of pre-releases from RECOVER that only continued to advocate for oppressed communities. First, after “Diet Culture,” “Too Sensitive” came out in May. “Too Sensitive” is a song about neurodiversity. Later, “It’s About You” came out in July and is about reminding someone who betrayed you how much they hurt you. It’s a vengeful, yet hopeful song by wishing the person will never forget what they did. Then, Brye released “NOTHING!” in August and discussed recovery from eating disorders. And, finally, in September, Brye shared her collaboration with Addison Grace, “Jenna.” “Jenna” details a story of unrequited queer love and religious shame.

The Importance of RECOVER

RECOVER brings up incredibly significant topics with Brye’s songwriting. The artist’s words in her songs are blunt, but necessary.

According to her official website, her new album, RECOVER, has “soft rhythmic production.” Its melodies “worm their way into your ears.” The songs “wrap you in a warm hug and tell you ‘it’s going to get better.’”

Brye filled the album “to the brim with frank realizations about the culture we live in, and the insecurities that follow us.”

Additionally, the rest of the album is just as important as the pre-releases. For example, the last song on the album, “Direct Message,” is a comforting message to others struggling with body image. In an Instagram reel, Brye further explains this.

“This is the final song on my debut album, it’s called direct message, and it’s very near and dear to my heart. I get hundreds of messages weekly like the one referenced in this song. I feel so deeply for all of you who are currently trying to learn how to recover and feel safe in your bodies again. I see you, I hear you, I don’t have the answers, but I have reached a point in my journey where I truly like myself and that fact is enough for me to believe you should keep going.”

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