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Lana Del Rey Guests on Holly Macve’s ‘Suburban House’

"Suburban house featuring my favourite living legend is out now and I am so proud to share it finally," Macve posts to Instagram.

After a summer of sold-out tour stops supporting her ninth studio album, Lana Del Rey finds herself with western noir artist Holly Macve on the properly delicate “Suburban House.” After the surprise announcement, Macve detailed her appreciation for the star in a lengthy Instagram post.

“Sometimes I’m not sure where this song came from,” she said. “It was as if my intuition wrote it, but there’s something beautiful about that, and getting to share it with someone who you’ve admired and been inspired by for so long is a whole new level of beauty.” 

The artwork features a Chuck Grant-photographed Polaroid of Macve and Del Rey getting cozy with cherry cake. Despite the visual warmth, the song documents falling out of love, where the duo’s honey-sweet vocals sweeten the fall.

Macve introduces the lullaby melody with the demur one-liner, “It only takes one week to fall out of love / with a woman like me, for a man like you.”

Instead of pining, they outwait the grief in their suburban house as “love comes and goes.” It’s a song of psychoanalysis and self-realization: while Macve watches autumn leaves pass by, Del Rey makes metaphors about snow and white-picket fences. No matter.

While their acoustic harbors nostalgia, Macve snaps back with “I’m not waiting for what you think I am,” with the latter echoing a similar remark. Where love once centered Del Rey’s universe, her recent efforts reflect other avenues of self-interest; there are other things to anticipate now.

Stream “Suburban House” by Holly Macve and Lana Del Rey below!

Lana Del Rey Battles Misconceptions

In the lead-up to the single’s release, Del Rey cleared career-long accusations of coming from a rich family. In a now-deleted, five-minute video, the singer admitted that her Spanish boarding school stint (spurred by teenage alcoholism) was possible because of her uncle’s administrative position in the establishment, offering her financial aid.

Her then-estranged parents only became aware of her singer profession during her infamous 2012 SNL performance, where she revealed she was staying in a hostel off 17th Street.

Besides being known as “White Trash from Lake Placid,” Del Rey signed her life away to 5 Point Records while living in a northern New Jersey trailer park—10 albums for $10,000—which her now-manager Ben Mawson got her out of. Watch the full video below!

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