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Maxwell Planes Teams with Melanie Faye and Ric Wilson on “Gave My Everything”

Chicago-based R&B/Soul artist Maxwell Planes joined forces with Melanie Faye to release his new smooth single, “Gave My Everything,” which also features acclaimed hip-hop artist Ric Wilson.   

On, “Gave My Everything,” Maxwell Discusses Mental Health

“Gave My Everything” addresses the push and pull surrounding anxiety and relationships. “Giving your everything is exhausting; mentally and physically,” Maxwell says. “Those situations involve a lot of ups and downs. We wanted the song to portray this through the lyrics and the composition.”  

A mental health excursion across the southern United States in search of clarity and musical indulgence; helped in the creation of the song. “When I arrived in Atlanta, I linked up with Melanie Faye. We talked about mental health, anxiety, relationships, etcetera,” Maxwell explains. “Decided that was the mood for the song we should record. We spent a couple of days in the studio piecing together guitar rhythms and licks; until we had a nice base that we could lay down our vocals on.”


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Collaborating With Melanie Faye and Ric Wilson

Maxwell then took the song back to Chicago where he finished the track before sending it over to Ric Wilson. “I sent it over to Ric Wilson with an open verse. As always, his penmanship is unmatched. I just felt everything. This song is a feeling.”  

These feelings are a result of the sacrifices Planes has overcome throughout his life; including growing up CODA (child of deaf adults), which in a twist of fate pointed him directly towards music and freedom; to openly explore different genres and styles without parental pressures. “I try my best to be an optimistic person. When I create I feel like that translates through my guitar licks and sometimes lyrically. I’m heavily inspired by gospel music; which I feel can have the most optimistic sound in the arrangements and lyrics,” Maxwell adds.

“Gave My Everything” is not all the plans that Maxwell has in store. His upcoming EP, Sacrifices, will be released sometime early next year, so he has more music to share really soon.

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